E-sports Gaming Competition On NCE Yatra 1.0

With the aim to promote virtual games as professional sports,National  College Of Engineering is organizing  Yatra 1.0 event On Falgun 5-6 on tarchal lalitpur.There will  be 6 different competition  in this event.The event is organized by Robotic Club and supported by Civil Engineering  Society.
Yatra Uddan-A drone competition.
Participants will shows their skills on the done and compete for their flying glory.

Swachha-viyaan-a robotics competition.
It is a competition where participants will build a robot based on theme “Clean to win”

Code Competition
Battle among the coders and the competition will be strictly based on the language: C/C++ and HTML/PHP.

Code Debugging
locating and correcting code errors in a computer program.

Gaming Competition
Under the gaming competition category four games will be feature in event: FIFA18, Counter Strike1.6, Clash Royal and DOTA 2. The  Winner will receive Rs 10,000  in CS-GO games, while winner of the DOTA 2 will also bag Rs 10,000 .Clash royal Rs 2500 and Fifa 18 Rs 3000.
Registration Fee Are as follow
FIFA18 = Rs 200
Counter Strike1.6=Rs1000
Clash Royal=Rs 200
DOTA 2=Rs 1500
Register: http://bit.ly/2GhNQwE

For More Information Visit- http://nce.edu.np/yatra/

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