Biggest Esport Gaming tournament In Nepal on Feb 21-25 2018

With the slogan of Lets promote E-sports in Nepal. Enigma Gamers are organizing a e-sport tournament in Nepal. Labim mall  on 21st Feb 2018 to 25th Feb 2018. There will be 5 game competition  winner and  runner up will only get cash pool prize  but the winner prize are different in different games.DotA 2  FIFA 18 ,Clash Royal,Clash Of Clan and Mini Militia are the games n which  Nepalese gamer  are going to comet for cash prize.

Registration  will be started from 15th - 17th Feb  2018 at Labim mall.Tie sheet will be provided on registration date Pre booking registration has been open for Clash Royal,Clash Of clan and Dota 2. For pre booking you just have to call 9823734864.

Registration fee for Tournament are
Clash Royal-299/solo
Clash Of Clan-1999/Team  ,ie- team must have 10 player only.
Dota2-2499 / Team
Mini militia-999/ Team ,ie team contain only 4 player.
Fifa 18-399 / solo

Tournament Prize 
Clash Royal- 1st prize=Rs 8999 , 2nd prize=Rs 3999
Clash Of Clan-1st prize=Rs 19999 , 2nd prize=Rs 9999
Dota2-1st prize=Rs 49999 , 2nd prize=Rs 24999
Mini militia-1st prize=Rs 17999 , 2nd prize=Rs 10999
Fifa 18-1st prize=Rs 34999 , 2nd prize=Rs 14999

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  1. Mobile legends ko tournament kata huncha?

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