Mobile Legends Aurora Build Guide

The Queen of the North, Aurora has recently joined the MLBB family. She is a mage hero, with very high ability effects. As a Queen of the northern realm, she uses the power of frost to eliminate enemies. To make it even harder, I have a pretty good build guide and how to use her skills guide.

First thing first, her skills. As any other hero in MLBB, Aurora uses 4 skills to eliminate her enemies. One of them is her passive Pride of Ice. The best way is to stack up to 4 frost units. Basically, each attack will deal magic damage and after the 4th attack, casting a spell will freeze the enemies.

Aurora Build Guide – “Freeze or Else”

As a magic hero, Aurora prefers items from the magic group. So, here is the best build guide for Aurora.
  • Ice Frost – Grants 1k HP and increase physical attack. Also, there is a 30% chance that Aurora’s basic attack will slow enemies movement and attack speed.
  • Arcane Boots – A perfect item for a Mage hero.
  • Enchanted Talisman – Restores 20% for Aurora every 10 seconds.
  • Frost – If a skill deals damage to a target, the same target will be slowed down for an extra 15%.
  • Winter Truncheon – Adds magic power and armor. Getting this item, there is no need of a Defense item. If Aurora’s HP goes below 30% and she receives damage from an enemy, then the enemy’s movement speed will be reduced by 80%. At the same time, she can deal 50% of magic power as magic dmg.
  • Calamity Scythe or Glowing Wand – I will leave this one for you. My choice is the Calamity Scythe because after casting a spell, Aurora’s next attack will deal 150% magic damage. For the second item, well, it’s the scorch that is giving me a positive answer. Basically, hitting a target with a spell, Aurora will deal damage equal to 2%/2.5%/3% of target’s HP as magic dmg. They both work fine, so try them and let me know in comments below which one is better.

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