Mobile Legends Bang Bang Ruby Build Guide

Dear MLBB fans and players, you now have probably the best skill guide and item build guide for the newest hero, Ruby. In addition, I will also help you what emblem she needs. I’m sorry for the delay, but the hero was recently updated due to some in-game issues. But, the team at FGR got your back.

How to use Ruby’s skills?

Like all heroes in MLBB, Ruby is with 4 abilities, 1 passive and 3 casters.
  • Let’s Dance – Passive Skill: Every time you use a skill, Ruby can change her position. So, there are 2 options, backward or forward. Going backward grants her armor. Jumping forward gives slow-down effect to her skills. During this time, her basic attack will no longer have lifesteal. But, her skills will inherit 100% of lifesteal effect
  • Be good – Caster: Uses her scythe to attack fast and deals 50 pts physical dmg to the target in front. At the same time, she launches a wave that deals 50pts physical dmg to each target affected by it
  • Don’t run Wolf King – Caster: Attacks twice in a row by dealing 40 pts physical dmg and stuns the target for 0.7 seconds. At the same time, Ruby pulls the enemy closer and deals 30% dmg to enemies outside of the zone
  • I’m offended! – Caster Ult: If you are on the enemy side, bro you are dead! But playing Ruby gives you this feeling like you own the game! Deals, 205 physical dmg, pulls the heroes closer and stuns enemies for  0.5 seconds.
So here is it. Use her Ult first, go for Be good and keep Don’t run Wolf King for last. In this order, Ruby helps the team a lot, by pulling the heroes closer and making them an easier target to eliminate. There is no way to escape this combo!

Ruby Build Guide

With the following build guide, or item build (call it however you like, but it’s the same) her magic power increases as well as her physical attack. Also, always go for Magic Emblem Set and Purify.
  • Glowing Wand –– When a skill hits a target, it will deal extra 2%/2.5%/3% of targets HP as magic damage.
  • Magic Shoes – Increase Ruby’s movement speed by 40 and +10% CD reduction
  • Concentrated Energy –: +70 magic power and +700 HP. Using this item will increase the Spell Vamp by +20%. Also, After Ruby kills a hero, she will get 10% HP as a recharge.
  • Athena’s Shield – Grants 20 HP regen. On 30 seconds, she will get a shield that absorbs a lot of damage, from 450 to 1150. This depends on how long Ruby is in battle. Defense item, that will definitely help you in fight
  • Blade of Despair – Adds 130 physical attack, 25% attack speed and +10% critical strike chance. This works perfectly with her passive skill. The critical gains more lifesteal :). So, whenever the enemy is in an abnormal state, Ruby deals extra 15% damage. You pull them, they got burnt in a second!
  • Corrosion Scythe – Ruby is now with 25% more to slow the target by 35%. Pull them, slow them, slow them even more and finish it!

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