How To Use VOLUME KEY As SHOOT/FIRE Button in PUBG Mobile

PUBG MOBILE is  adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS where you'll enjoy hours of play in several modes, whether you're going solo or tag teaming. An added bonus is that if you choose the team option, you get to livechat with your buddies in-game to coordinate your moves, via your smartphone's microphone.Today i am going to teach you how to use volume button for firing in pugb mobile .
Note that- Pro gamers doesn't need any features They can win any battle in any device without any help !!
lets Start
  1. 1 Open the play store than download octopus apps ►Download Octopus App From PLAY STORE --- http://bit.ly/2KgMJiz 
  2. 2 Open the Apps and click pugb mobile game from octopus app 
  3. 3 Rotate the screen so that volume key will be in right hand top.
  4. 3 Click the purple marker from the screen.You will get keymapping on the screen after game is  lunched.
  5. 4 Remove all the default key mapping by pressing cross sign 
  6. 5 Now  click the purple marker again and this time click left plus sign icon.
  7. 5Tap key button from screen. you will get one circle in the screen press volume up key.that will be  changed in volume up key name...drag to the shooting icon of pubg game.Confugure all the button through key maping...
  8. Enjoy the game

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