Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Series From September 20

Nvidia just announced the new GPU 2080 series.Nvidia team discovered Ray Tracing Technology in which they are working from more than decade. Jensen Huang (CEO of Nvidia,) said that,  RTX family rumbles the most significant generational leap in the history of graphics.RTX series  will offer twice the power of GTX 1080.Realism in video games will now satisfy the gamers in graphic.
Its pre-order being open starting today, while the rest of the world will have to wait till September 20. for its shipment to spread across the globe.
Nvidia has set  a reasonable price, while many others believed that  RTX series graphic card cost will be more than  double the price than the GTX 1080. but starting price at $499 surely makes a difference, allowing everyone to get his hand on the brand new RTX 2080 series. Having the new RTX technology available, it is expected to change the gaming in a way never seen before. It is time to get reflections and gameplay subterfuges at a stance.

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