PUBG Mobile Triks PICK UP Loot Faster than Before

PUBG MOBILE is  adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS where you'll enjoy hours of play in several modes, whether you're going solo or tag teaming. An added bonus is that if you choose the team option, you get to livechat with your buddies in-game to coordinate your moves, via your smartphone's microphone.

 Basically this is not a glitch it a trick by which u can increase the speed of collecting items from ground.First thing is go to your setting and check the auto pick up stuffs is ON.
Next thing is if you have a lot of stuff lying around while picking up u get a box which shows the item on the ground what u have to do is just click on second item on this list.
What it does is it collects the second item as well as the first at same time.Which gradually saves a lot of time and while playing PUBG picking up to loot faster is real blessing.

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  1. I love playing PUBG on PC. I am about to try it out on mobile as well. I hope it'll be good!