Nepal Gaming Community Preparing To File Case Against Recent PUBG Mobile Ban in Nepal

PUBG game is quite popular in Nepal like all over the world, and PUBG has been banned in Nepal after Nepal Police got approval from Kathmandu District Court to ban it and they ordered Nepal Telecommunications authority (NTA) who then ordered various ISPs in Nepal to ban PUBG.
For few months, some parents in Kathmandu complained to Nepal Police esp Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) regarding harmful affects that PUBG was having on their child, like addiction, not doing homework, sleeping very late, aggressive behavior and so on, these Nepali parents probably also saw what was happening in India with deaths of children due to being heavily distracted like a train accident in Gujarat or a suicide of a child after the parents told the child to stop PUBG, and these Nepali parents may be very concerned. Then some time ago, we hear news of PUBG being banned in few cities of Gujarat and I guess, MPCD then thought PUBG can be banned in Nepal too, they go to a district court and file a PIL and get approval from Court to take necessary action, Nepal Police then says they also consulted with several schools and teachers plus Psychiatrists and came to a conclusion to ban PUBG. So, basically the reason is parental pressure.

Before pubg , porn websites were banned in Nepal and people didn’t care, now it’s PUBG and who knows what next. Do we want to allow Nepal govt to basically ban any stuff they don’t like on internet, This is a clear  threat to internet freedom in Nepal. we don’t want Nepal to turn into China or other Countries where extensive internet censorship is present.

There is no any law so the Court hs no right to order Police and ISP to ban PUBG and this is dangerous. We have this Electronic transaction act but nowhere it is written about banning certain apps or sites, and hence the question arises what provision of a law was used to ban PUBG and can that same provision be used to ban other apps or websites that Govt considers “having negative effect on people”. This is why, we want lawyers in Nepal to file a case in Patan High Court or Supreme Court to determine exactly what law was cited by Kathmandu District Court  to ban PUBG.
Nepali gaming Community is so small to counter against government illegal decision on court so every gamer must unite to in this scenario against pubg ban. We need more support from nepali gamers. 
We have been messaging our ISP not to implement  government decision.through message and phone call.they are still  not implementing till now but told us that soon we must ban pubg otherwise government will take action against us. So Now its gamers duty to go against govenment decision through court. 
Please Sigh a Patient through below link So that watching this campaign any layer might case a file seeing public support  against government pubg ban decision.


Recently On India,The state of Gujarat took action against the game recently where some cities implemented a ban, where anyone seen or reported playing the PUBG could be arrested by the local police. Close to 20 people were reportedly arrested during the ban, although from what we heard, they were only taken to the police station and were immediately released on bail.
Internet Freedom Foundation Files PIL Against Recent Ban in Gujarat so now its Nepal Turn.

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