You Will Be Punished If You Leave An ‘Apex Legends’ Match Early

Currently, there is nothing stopping players from dropping out of a game of Apex Legends. You may have found in a game that someone is annoyed they can't play as the character they want to and so they just quit, leaving you down a player and at a severe disadvantage.

 A future patch for Apex Legends is going to bring an update that will see players penalised for leaving games early. Last week's 1.1 patch actually implemented and unfinished version of the system, but that was patched out as it wasn't ready to be released yet.

Developer Respawn Entertainment wants to discourage that behaviour but it's not ready to release the feature that will punish players for leaving early. In other games the punishment is usually something like a timeout on joining new games. So, if you're caught dropping out of a string of games, you might have to wait 30 minutes before you're allowed to join any new games.

Credit.:Julian Benson

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