Apex Legends’ season 2 trailer

Respawn released the first full trailer for Apex Legends’ upcoming season and we finally have a good look at the space dinosaur destruction that’s heading to Kings Canyon in season 2.
The trailer starts out with some pretty standard Apex action, but it quickly becomes clear that something isn’t quite right. While some of the legends we recognize like Octane, Mirage, and even Wattson are chasing each other around the map, an unknown character is working away at a laptop from high above. When that character finishes what they’re doing, the containment field around Kings Canyon shuts down and the barriers keeping the dinosaurs out break down.
The dinosaurs, including the giant Leviathans that roam around the map, and the Flyers that have been occasionally getting into the map over the last couple of weeks, waste no time invading the arena. The creatures don’t seem to go after the legends specifically, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe as the Leviathan steps into the map and immediately starts crushing buildings and bridges.

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