PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update

1. New mode is coming to the game: Death match which is available in both FPP and TPP perspectives.
2. Separate control settings for FPP mode: Users can now change gameplay settings of FPP mode in different section
3. New Feature for MVP Player: MVP emotes are added in inventory and MVP display in results.
4. New Portable Closets Feature: Now the player can change appearances, voices and emotes in different portable closets and can make amendments while in a match.
5. Waling, crawling and running will now leave marks on the ground
6. Amendments in Armour Stats: Armour durability will now reduce by 25%. However, the damage reduction will remain same.
7. New Zombies in Survive Till Dawn: Tyrant, G, Licker and Zombie Cop these three zombies will no longer to remain in game. Four new zombies are added to this Zombie mode.
8. Amendments in Liquid Nitrogen Bomb stats: Liquid nitrogen will slow down the players for a longer period as comparable to previous time of old version.
9. New Location: New Location Abandon factory has been added to the map. Now, the name of map is not mentioned. According to Beta testing, this location has been seen in Zombie mode. This location contains rare weapon loot but also has a new boss.

How To Download PUBG Mobile  0.13.0 (Android & iOS)

Android users click herehttps://filecdn.igamecj.com/fclient/download.html
iOS Users Click Herehttps://testflight.apple.com/join/N2px9MKy

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