Apex Legends season 3, first new map is coming, and it has a moving train

Respawn made a bombshell announcement for its Apex Legends battle royale shooter this morning, revealing a brand-new map for its upcoming third season that’s arriving in just a few days. The new destination, called World’s Edge, is “where molten heat and chemical ice collide,” indicating players will be facing off in an extreme temperature environment.Season 3 arrives on October 1. We still don't have details about how the structure of the Battle Pass may change after Respawn's poorly-received mid-season event. 

A new cinematic trailer, doesn't reveal every corner of the new environment, but it shows off several major landmarks and biomes, including lava and plenty of snow for players to sled. "I approve of this new planet," Caustic can be heard saying in the trailer, indicating that World's Edge takes place on a new rock entirely.

The trailer that introduces the season also gives us a fun look at the Legends in their downtime between matches. I love how they each have their own little living areas on the dropship (it looks like Octane's playing some Titanfall), and I am frankly amazed that they let Caustic do his freaky chemistry work in such close proximity to all the other challengers. It's probably the only way they could get him to come along.

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