Download and Play Call of Duty Mobile on Emulator Officially

 If you too prefer playing with a keyboard and mouse, you’ll be pleased to know that publisher Activision has already blessed an emulator for the game. It’s called GameLoop, and you can download both it and the game to your PC for free right now. There are no hoops to jump through either. Once you’ve installed the emulator, all you need to do is launch the app and switch over to its Game Center tab to download Call of Duty: Mobile.
Tencent Games has just confirmed that the Official Call of Duty Mobile Version will not only be available for Android and iOS users, but the game will also be made available to PC players via its official emulator GameLoop.

You Can Download and Play Call of Duty Mobile on GameLoop Emulator: 
  1. Download GameLoop Emulator. Install Gameloop Emulator.
    Find Call of Duty Mobile on The Gameloop Emulator.
    Download & Install Call of Duty Mobile on The Emulator.  
    Once the Download is Complete, Open Call of Duty Mobile and Enjoy Playing the Game on Your PC. 

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