7-Year-Old Girl Wins Pokémon International Tournament

7-year-old Simone Lim has won the Pokémon Oceania International Junior Championships, winning the hearts of Pokemon fans around the world with her amazing tournament performance last weekend in Melbourne, Australia.

The Singaporean Pokémon prodigy beat number one seed Justin Miranda-Radbord, an older and more experienced player who’s won multiple Pokémon tournaments, including the Hartford Regional Championships.

On the very last game of the Grand Finals match, Lim was down to her final Pokémon, a Tyranitar; while Radbord still had both his Rhypherior and Dusclops. With no room for error left, Lim confidently read Radbord’s next move.
Lim predicted that Radbord would use Protect on Rhyperior. And this gave her the perfect opportunity to knock out another enemy Pokemon with Crunch, a Dark-type ability that Radbord’s Dusclops was weak against.
Lim then used Tyranitar’s Superpower attack on the enemy Rhyperior to finish the tournament and secure her first Pokémon Sword and Shield championship.

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