CS:GO pros are swapping to Valorant

Despite Valorant only being announced two days ago, many CS:GO pros have already announced their intention to swap to Riot’s new FPS.
Long-time Counter-Strike pro, Jaroslaw “pashaBiceps” Jarzabkowski, was invited to test out Valorant and his excitement looks like a sign he might be planning a comeback to the competitive FPS scene.

Similar to pashaBiceps, Fabien “KioSHiMa” Fiey was a CS:GO pro who has played for multiple organizations. KioSHiMa has so much faith in the new Riot Games FPS shooter that he is already saying the game will eclipse CS:GO. He has also already announced that he will be competing in it.

Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar is another notable name to join the possible Valorant pro scene. He’s a retired CS:GO pro who found better success as a streamer. But, make no mistake, summit1g is an FPS veteran and is already looking for players to link up with for Valorant.

Paul “sOAZ” Boyer is a professional League of Legends player who currently plays for Immortals as their top laner. sOAZ had a brief stint playing Counter-Strike 1.6 and has expressed his interest in switching to Riot’s new FPS game.

Braxton “swag” Pierce was a CS:GO prodigy who started his FPS career when he was just 15 years old. He’s mostly known for his time with Team IBUYPOWER and their infamous match-fixing scandal that got the young player permanently banned by Valve.

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