TI10 Battle Pass update

Valve has released an update to Dota 2 that makes it easier for owners of The International 2020 (TI10) Battle Pass to level up by simply playing the game.
The update comes after many among the Dota 2 community voiced concerns over the difficulty of leveling up this year’s Battle Pass compared to those from previous years.
While Valve assured the community that they have read their feedback and acknowledge their concerns, the developer also released figures which showed that Battle Pass owners earned more free levels this year compared to last year.
“For Battle Pass players of all levels, on average players have earned 1.95% more free levels than last year. If we consider only players who after a week were below level 200, on average they have earned 7.91% more free levels than last year,” Valve said in the update announcement.
Even so, Valve said that they still “recognize that players still feel that they wish playing granted more” and implemented changes that increased rewards from Wagering, Guild Contracts, and Sideshop Gold.

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