Why Wildrift will not destined to fail, it will rather dominate the mobile moba market than ML in SEA in the coming years.

Some people talk about ML's domination in SEA particularly In PH and IND. Saying that Wild rift would just become like AOV in SEA (dead community) except in Vietnam and Thailand where AOV is dominating. Without knowing that AOV and Wildrift are two different games and AOV wasn't allowed to be advertised after its release coz Riot did not allow tencent to advertise the game. Then, AOV's unstable servers made it worst plus DC heroes weren't appealing to some.

But other than that, these are the other reasons why Wild rift will dominate after its release.

  1. ML is pay to win. Skins have stats and are too expensive. You need to pay to lvl up ur emblems, not beginner friendly.

  2. Balacing of heroes. New hero releases are way too OP.

3.Redundant hero abilities. Players are starting to notice that new heroes have same abilities with older heroes (ex. The dragon hero have similaries with martice). In LOL, there are 148 champs already but everyone is unique (ability kits and playstyle). In ML almost every hero have same flicker ability.

4. Hero design/appearance. Im tired of seeing human heroes in ML. In LOL, there are monsters, yordles, humans and vistayans. Champ/hero designs attracts players.

5. Esports. LOL esports compared to ML? Incomparable.

6. Cinematics. Riot is amazing in making cenimatics as marketing strategy. Riot already announced ARCANE, an animated series. I also belive we well see a movie in the future coz riot said that they have plans but they are taking their time coz they dont want to dissappoint fans, if a movie will come they want it to be like marvel movies in terms of successfulness.

7. Songs and Music Videos. Did you hear or watch LOL music videos. KD/A, Giants, etc. These are great ways of attracting players and just one music vid for wild rift then BOOM kpop peeps and other bandwagon will play the game.

Therefore, afer the release of Wildrift, ML will still dominate alongside wildrift in SEA but not in the coming years. Wildrift will slowly kill ML because of the reasons above.

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