winners and losers of Valorant patch 1.0

Most importantly, Riot has implemented balance updates to five Valorant agents. Here is a quick rundown of the winners and losers of Patch 1.0.
Riot has just released the first major patch for Valorant, which came with the game’s worldwide release.
In the patch, they’ve added in Reyna as the game’s 11th agent. Players were also treated to a brand new map called Ascent, along with a new unique game mode called Spike Rush, which is set as a fast-paced alternative to Valorant’s standard match.

Winner: Phoenix

Phoenix’s fire abilities have been adjusted so that the agent will no longer be as predictable. Whenever Phoenix casts his area of effect abilities, opponents would often predict where the agent would be in certain situations. By increasing the duration of most of his abilities, this gives users more options with the agent.

Loser: Raze

Raze’s Blast Pack damage potential has also been reduced. Raze players would often stack Blast Packs together to deal large amounts of damage. In response, Riot has decided to decrease Raze’s Blast Pack damage radius.

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