Call of Duty: Mobile success proves Diablo Immortal was a good idea

Activision Blizzard CFO Dennis Durkin said during the Q&A section of today's quarterly financial call that the success of Call of Duty Mobile, released in October 2019, is proof that Activision is on the right track with its mobile strategy.

"But to the early successes [of Call of Duty: Mobile], they do represent incredible proof points as to your question of how the franchise strategy is really working. And it certainly applies to a lot of other franchises that we have. We see that our current players really want more ways to engage with their favorite IP, be it through mobile or other platforms, and that offering authentic and really deep experiences on new platforms can drive much much higher engagement. And this quarter's results really shows that."

"There's a lot more to come on mobile too. CoD Mobile is off to a really great start, but we're just scratching the surface of what that franchise can be on mobile, and then integrating the experiences across multiple platforms, we know is just an incredible opportunity for the franchise," Durkin said in response to a question about how Diablo Immortal might be impacted by CoD Mobile.

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