Did you love playing  high graphic games  just like me ? If yes that you came to the right place to know about upcoming  15 top high graphic game which is in the process of release. In this article  you will know about games which are launching  between 2020 end to 2021 end. 

1: Tower of Fantasy

The game, developed with Unreal Engine 4 and worked on by Hotta Studio, will present an MMORPG game that will feature an immersive open world because it is supported by a motion capture movie-class display. In addition to retaining key elements of MMORPG games, such as exploration, customization, grinding, crafting, party, and guild systems, Tower Fantasy will also present an interactive puzzle during the game. The whole element will be supported by an interesting storyline with the theme of salvation and destruction.

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Sea of Dawn

Sea of Dawn is set in the 16th century, with faithful recreations of about 200 prominent harbor cities in history. In the game, players will get to visit and help to develop ports in Lisbon, Seville, London as well as a myriad of ports in the Middle East and Latin America. players will take the roles of explorers during the Age of Exploration who travel across the world by land and ship. From there, they can forge alliances, battle foes, and more.


Dawn Awakening

Dawn Awakening will offer the standard survival-horror experience we’ve come to know and love from other mobile games like LifeAfter and Last Day on Earth, but with a heavier and more oppressive atmosphere to keep the players on edge at all times. This is achieved mostly through the game’s aesthetic design, featuring a heavy emphasis on lighting and sound design to create an atmosphere of isolation and constant danger. The visual design, coupled with the sheer graphical power of Unreal Engine, will give this game some of the best graphics in the market, or so the makers imply.

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Apex Legend Mobile

mobile version of Apex Legends will be out so for that we are unsure about the minimum system requirements for smartphones. But we are aware of one thing for sure, you will need a strong mobile device to run it. Unlike PUBG Mobile, we think Apex Legends will not support low-end devices as the game graphics are very intense and require a strong GPU. Any phone below iPhone 8, S9 or equivalent may not be able to run this hopefully upcoming version.

 Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat

Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat is mobile game developed by  Yunchang Games based on the famous Devil May Cry game. Gameplay will be  the combat system comes with a range of gymnastic moves. Similarly, there are number of weapons which you can use in the battles. All the weapons are upgradeable and can be switched with other weapons at any time. When it comes to graphics, Capcom has used the latest PBR (physically based rendering) technology, which means it is safe to expect console like HD graphics. While the exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet, you can pre-register using this link.

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