PS5 Price Leak One Retailer Just Confirmed For USA And Western Market


As Console gamers excited for  next generation console, Sony blew the whistle  with its latest State of Play event. Sony  revealed 37 upcoming games, which includes 13 exclusive titles for the PS5. While the Internet was buzzing with excitement over the trailers and PlayStation 5  console design, Sony left out a critical piece of information: the console price. But hours after the event, an Asian retailer might have leaked the USA PS5 price. Let’s dive in. 

According to a brand new listing on Play-Asia, the PlayStation 5 with Blu-ray will retail for $699 USD. This price exceeds the PlayStation 3's infamous $599 USD for the higher-end 60GB model and may push it out of the budget of some interested gamers. With a limited number of product pictures and information on the pre-order page, Play-Asia hasn't confirmed what cables will come with the base console or even what the rear ports will look like. Expect a high-speed HDMI cable, USB Type-C (perhaps male-to-male to charge via the front Type-C port), and power cable. An included microphone might be entirely optional given the array microphone that Sony is including inside the Dual Sense controller.

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