Black Ops Cold War: 57 New Features (Scorestreaks, Gunsmith, Vehicles and More)

The online event let press outlets customize classes and get paired up for about three hours of matches. Only a handful of maps were shown, but there was a lot of variety. Lets talk about what we fought


First things first, Top left hand corner we have a mini Map. This mini map. If enemy  use suppressor also we can see enemy on map. on the middle of gameplay screen we can see compass. This was introduced on warzone .this feature is usually for battle royal modes so this is no special in COD cold war as this game is multiplayer game. Bottom left corner there is health bar. there is no number to indicate health only bar. If you shot enemy they also have health bar above them so that you can see how much health they have. Bottom right hand corner there is kill streak,ammo counter,grenade. New movement  sliding is back  and sliding is long but you cannot cancel sliding otherwise you lose movement control. It might be bug but as seen in alphas test gameplay.Swimming is also back in this game as like in BO3 and BO4.

Fall Damage is low as compare to modern welfare.



It is also a large Battlefield-esque map.It  is a naval fleet map with tons of smaller ships and capture points.This larger Domination is played in 12v12 matches, and navigating the map feels fluid, with several places to use a zipline or rappel to reach another area.


This map is new map.Map look like satallite crash on desert.Its 6v6 map but might be big map in final release  with 12v12.


Its a domination map. Most beautiful map among all available maps in game.You switch side after halflife.


Two mode on this map control and Death mode.Its 6v6  indoor map.


Its a snow map.there are snowmobile and tank in this map.Its a 12v12 .If you are long range sniper lover than this map is best for you.In alpha testing its hard to identify friends and enemy because there is no flag on friend head .It has new mode called VIP in which you have to escort your friend for extraction.

 Others  Feature

 The gun selection I previewed was limited, but it was a pretty familiar selection for each class type. The AK-47 assault rifle was present, along with submachine guns like the MP5 and the AK-74u. Most importantly, Cold War keeps Modern Warfare’s excellent Gunsmith feature, and I’m really happy to see this return. The Gunsmith allows for greater weapon modification, and constantly swapping out the different stat-based attachments can make a gun feel completely different with each change.Fan-favorite perks return, including Cold Blooded to make you less visible by thermal vision and scorestreaks, Ghost keeps you off the radar of spy planes, and Ninja makes your footsteps quieter. Wildcards.

 As previously seen in the Black Ops series, return to let you choose extra bonuses, such as allowing for more gun attachments or the ability to equip extra perks. Field Upgrades, the chargeable item or ability that was introduced in Modern Warfare, will also make their way into the Cold War era. For my custom loadout, I liked to have the SAM Turret field upgrade to help shoot down enemy air support. Each custom class load out can be equipped with three perks, one wildcard, and a field upgrade. And you’ll probably want some of those perks and field upgrades that help you counter enemy choppers and airstrikes, as Black Ops: Cold War revamps the lethal streaks that you earn in-game.

Modern Warfare used a Killstreak system that let you earn powerful rewards for obtaining a certain number of kills before dying, but Cold War brings back a renovated version of the Scorestreak system from previous Black Ops games.Black Ops: Cold War’s Scorestreak system no longer punishes you for dying. You’ll earn score multipliers for achieving multiple kills in the same life, but you’ll also continue to earn those scorestreaks after death by helping your team play the objective. There’s likely to be more air support earned in Black Ops: Cold War than Modern Warfare, but at least each scorestreak goes on a 90 second cooldown after it’s used, so you can’t just spam lethal streaks all over the map.

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