Facebook Gaming Hits 345 Million Hours in Online Streaming


After COVID-19 pandemic many Industries all over the world have failed to perform and not looking good. But one particular industry just not manage to survive but also able to increase its numbers. The gaming industry ie streaming industry. COVID-19 forced everyone to remain indoors and had to find a source of entertainment Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming able to growth in large scale.

Live streaming on Facebook and Twitch soaring in popularity. This may be attributed to the continued isolation and social distancing measures taken across the world these days, but it is also a testament to the continually improving user experience and availability of engaging content across the platforms. The rise in popularity of gaming many games moving online, meaning that people can team up with their friends on a global server, creating a sense of connection largely lacking from many communities right now. We also see popular games adapting to their Android and iOS versions.

Now streamers can go live more frequently than before, Twitch alone amassing an enormous 5 billion hours for Q2 of 2020. India and Singapore being the top two bulk of viewers.

Twitch went from 851 million hours to 1.4 billion year-over-year, a 67% increase. Facebook had a much smaller increase in raw numbers, but greater growth, going from 109 million to 345 million. After Mixer shutting down  high-profile streamers who had cut deals with Microsoft moved back to Twitch or migrating to Facebook.

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