RTX 3070 Enough for Triple 1440p 144Hz Monitor Setups?

Question is upgrading triple monitor setup 1080p 75 hertz to 1440p 144 hertz  3 monitor and goal is to replace them to new 144 htz monitor for 1440p game play on triple screen. All three monitor are 75 hertz  monitor and the goal is to upgrade them to 144 htz to play games like Microsoft simulator on all three screen in 1440p resolution ….. Topic is Is RTX 3070 is enough???

 Answer is NO,RTX 3070 will not be sufficient to play 1440p on 3 screen. The reason for this is 1440p on three screen is more than 4k.

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2560pX1440p=3.7 million pixel

3.7 x 3 monitor=11.1 million pixel

We all know that 4K gameplay is 3840pX2160p.

3840X2160=8.3 million pixel

That means approx.2.8 million pixel more. which is one extra 1440p monitor pixel.Most of the 4k monitor are 60htz .We are trying to run on 144 htz monitor with that prosperity that is 1.6 billion pixel .Microsoft simulator cannot run more than 60FPS on RTX 2080 Ti if you go city like newyork where high animation and texture of building need to be render.IIf you are trying to play microsoft simulator and any other AAA games triple monitor setup with 1440p 144 hertz Do not buy RTX 3070 card.

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