Top 5 OBS Plugins to ENHANCE your Live Stream On Twitch,Youtube and Facebook

Today let's talk about the top 5 OBS plugins to enhance your live stream and recording experience. These are plugins that I think can offer your some serious additional functionality and ones I either use now, or will be using in the future. These plugins are mostly only for OBS Studio, and will not work with Streamlabs OBS.

Scrab (screen grab) adds a configurable hotkey to quickly select a screen region and add it as an image source to the current scene. It's like ShareX or Snipping Tool, but adds the screenshot directly to your OBS Studio canvas! Very handy for quickly sharing information with your audience without sharing your whole screen.

Spectralizer gives you a realtime audio visualizer for any audio device or source added to OBS Studio. You can customize the color, bar height, width, spacing, how quickly they drop, frame rate, and more.
Combine Spectralizer with Tuna to also get realtime song info and cover art for music streams!


Directory Watch Media
The Directory Watch Media plugin adds a filter to OBS Studio VLC Media Source to load either the newest or oldest file in a directory - this is great for calling up the most recent Instant Replay during a stream.

Input Overlay
Input Overlay for OBS Studio lets you show your keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs on stream. You get two different sources to add to OBS - Input Overlay and Input History. You can configure which keys or buttons are shown, and even make your own image layouts. This is great for competitive games with technical movement skills or for tutorials.DOWNLOAD 

FFMPEG Encoders for OBS Studio
This top OBS plugin lets you utilize great encoders available through FFMPEG without the clunky UI and custom commands of the "Custom Output (FFMPEG)" output in OBS Studio. Currently its best uses are for recording lossless ProRes or efficient HEVC with the specific options for those codecs. This has been a LIFESAVER for my workflow!

DVD Screensaver
I mentioned this as a joke, but I will be using the DVD Screensaver plugin for OBS for some of my retro streams because it's just so fun.


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