Valorant Remove Omen From The Game

In the latest Valorant update  patch made changes to hit effects, buffed Viper, and nerfed Killjoy and Sage. It also had an unintended but very powerful impact on Omen, who players quickly found could be made invulnerable through a simple glitch.

It does throw the game out of balance . Another glitch also appeared in same update time .It enabled the character to teleport past the spawn barriers that are in place at the start of rounds, meaning that Omen could get into an advantageous position much faster than anyone else. Not that positioning is of vital importance when you're literally impossible to kill, but it's still a pretty big problem.

Riot said  is actually an issue with Omen, so we're disabling him until we have a fix. Which is hopefully tomorrow.Sorry for all of the disruptions.September 3, 2020

After taking Omen out of the game completely yesterday, Riot announced this afternoon that he will be returned to action, along with a hotfix taking away his surprise superpowers, on the following schedule:

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