Best build for KAI'SA

Don't use default build it cant unlock ur s2 living weapon passive. Use my this custom build and unlock all 3 living weapon passive quickly. It gives u 30% CDR good ad ap and as damage also increase ur attack range from rapid fire cannon item. And use this runes too best for her. Try it and tell me how it is. #kaisa


1.need 70 attack damage for unlock her s1 passive

2. Need 80 magic damage for unlock her s2 passive

3. Need 65 attack speed for unlock her s3 passive

•Why i use this items?

1.manamune- she need lots of mana thats why i buy it 1st. It also convert ur mana to attack damage

2.Hextech Gunblade- for attack damage and magic damage. Its also physical and magical vamp must need for adc because every adc has magic damage

3.Nashor's Tooth- for magic damage highest attack speed in lol wild rift and also 20% CDR. Passive deals extra magic damage

4.Rapid Firecannon- lots of people say why u dont use Runaan's Hurricane. I use rfc because increase her attack range. Her attack range range is small compares to other adc and and with 100 stack gives u additional magic damage also gives 5% movement speed. But u can use Runaan's Hurricane its your choice.

5.Guardian Angel. Because of its unique passive u will reborn after death. Best item for all adc must need

6. Boots- Gluttonous Greaves- for physical and magical vamp

7. Enchantment- Stasis Enchant- defence for burst damage

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