Best build for mages like seraphine

This build gives you around 738 Ap, 2700 hp, 2700 mana( unlimited skill spam
), 30% CDR, 40% magic penetration.
This runes is also good for burst mages.
•Why i use this items-
1.Rod Of Ages- its a all rounder item in magic items. Its unique passive 1 stack need 30 sec around 5 min later in max stack gives u extra 60 ap. 200 hp and 100 mana. and Total ap from this build is 120 ap. Its a hudge. Thats why i buy it 1st.
2.Archangel's Staff- provide hudge mana and 20% cdr. Its unique passive mana change into magic damage and when its evolve into Seraph's Embrace its gives u additional mana and AP
3.Boots- Ionian Boots Of Lucidity- provide 10% CDR
4. Enchantment- Stasis Enchant- for counter burst damage
5.Liandry's Torment- provide hp and 95 Ap. Ability deals bonus damage. (Its unique passive Being in combat with enemy champions generates one stack every second for the next 4 seconds. Deal 2% increased damage for each stack, up to a maximum of 10%.
Ability damage deals 1% of an enemy's max Health as bonus magic damage over 3 seconds. This damage doubles if they are slowed or immobilized). This item is better than Luden's Echo's stats and passive.
6. Rabadon's Deathcap- provide hudge 130 ap. The highest ap stats in lol wild rift. Its passive increase Ability Power by 40% and its huge.
7. Void Staff- provide 40% ap penetration. Kill down tnanks easy

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